Our presence in the world is represented by the various offices we have.

We operate succesfully in South America for more than 20 years;
we are well known in India and we are expanding our businness area in many other countries.


Venezuela :
Corn Precooking flour plant, 250 t/24h
Corn Precooking flour plant, 350 t/24h
Machines and accessories for corn mill
Machines and accessories for wheat mill
Precooking Corn Flaking section
Corn Precooking flour plant, 100 t/24h
Wheat Cleanings Machines, 8 t/h
Advice for new biomass pellet plant

Messico :
Wheat Mill Up-Grading, 650 t/24 h
New flour Silo

Honduras :
New finished products silos
Wheat Mill Plant, 200 t/24 h

Rep. Dominicana :
Wheat Mill Up- Grading, 600 t/24 h
Soft and Durum wheat mill, 2 x 120 t/24 h

Spagna :
Soft and Durum wheat mill, 150 t/24 h - 250 t/24 h

Italia :
Wheat mill Up-Grading, 350 t/24 h
Durum Wheat Mill Up-Grading, 450 t/24 h

Slovenia :
Wood pellet plant

Tunisia :
Corn gritz Plant, 100 t/24 h
Corn gritz Mill Up-Grading, 150 t/24h