The partnership between Moramarco's family and the world of milling and agrofood started on 900s,
when grandfather Agostino Moramarco was fashinated by milling technology,
starting a long family tradition, which main craftsmen are the uncle Antonio and the grandchild Agostino,(the fonder of AMG SUD S.r.l.).

After Mr. Antonio has created the famous Mulini Moramarco of Altamura, Mr. Agostino first learned this art from the uncle Antonio in order to work with Sangati and Golfetto in Padua and to fond his society in 2000.

Mr. Antonio passionated Agostino to this art, first making him work in Mulini Moramarco and testing his capacity in various activity.

Now Mr. Agostino Moramarco has competences between the milling tecnology and the construction of complex plants.